Industrial Gases

AirArc provides customers with unmatched selection, measurable savings and a variety of delivery modes. We offer industrial gas products to serve a broad spectrum of industries and applications.

  • Acetylene
  • Argon
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Helium
  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Propane
  • Shielding and Industrial Gas Mixes

Follow this link to access Airgas MSDS informaton.

Specialty Gases

When you need high-purity gas and precision blends, AirArc has the technical and production expertise to meet your needs.

  • High Purity Gases – Air, Argon, CO2, Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen
  • Rare Gases
  • Process Chemicals
  • Solvents
  • Refrigerants

If you have a problem, we have a solution.

Gas Equipment

At AirArc, you will find specialty gas equipment, welding gas equipment and accessories including:

  • Regulators – Industrial and Specialty
  • Outfits – Welding and Cutting
  • Torches, Handles and Cutting Attachments
  • Welding Hose
  • Tips – Cutting, Heating and Welding
  • Adapters and Fittings
  • Cylinder Carts
  • Replacement Gauges
  • Manifolds, Piping and Valves

Welding Machines and Accessories

We are an exclusive importer for Razorweld

AirArc distributes a complete line of welders, welder accessories and welding consumables from all of the major manufacturers.

Let us show you the unique features of each product line to help you select the right machines and accessories to meet your needs.

At AirArc, you can demo welders, either at your premises or ours and, we will train you and provide technical support to maximize productivity and cost-effectiveness from your selection.

Our product line includes:

  • Welders – Stick, engine drive, TIG, MIG, multi-process, spot, stud and multi-operator
  • Wire feeders and accessories
  • Spool guns and push/pull guns
  • Plasma – Cutters, torches, accessories and consumables, repair parts
  • Automation – Robotics, MIG guns 7 parts, fixed (positioners, manipulators and turning rolls), peripherals and cutting

Rental and Used Equipment:

AirArc can provide contractors with a wide range of rental and good quality used equipment.

Industry Solutions – AirArc can meet the welding needs of various industries including manufacturing, fabrication, process plants, shipbuilding, structural steel erectors, offshore and pipeline operations. When you are ready to weld, you can depend on us.

Weld Automation – AirArc sell a wide range of new weld automation equipment including positioners, tank turning rolls and fit-up bed rollers.

Extreme-Duty Applications – AirArc’s rental welders, positioners and specialty products have been engineered and built to provide Extreme-Duty performance and reliability in the harshest environments.

Used Equipment – If you are interested in good quality used equipment, AirArc is the place to come. We have access to a wide selection of used equipment from a well-maintained fleet of rental equipment, as well as, several other sources of equipment. Just give us your requirements and let us do all the work to find you the right equipment at the right price.

Welding Support Equipment

Our Welding Support Equipment category provides the parts, consumables, accessories and equipment you need for gas metal arc-welding (GMAW or MIG welding), flux-cored arc-welding (FCAW) or gas tungsten arc-welding (GTAW or TIG welding).

Our product line includes:

  • ARC gouging electrodes, torches and accessories
  • Chemicals – NDT, spatters and gels
  • MIG guns – Hand held, fume extraction, consumables, components and repair parts
  • TIG torches, parts and consumables
  • Tungsten – Electrodes, tote and grinders
  • Welding cable and miscellaneous support equipment
  • Welding screens, curtains and blankets
  • Pipe cutting and beveling equipment

Filler Metals

At AirArc, you can find welding filler metals, welding wire, MIG wire, TIG rods, stick electrodes and more.

Our wire products are comprised of a wide array of materials and delivery options (spools, reels, coils and drums) in order to handle the most challenging business applications. Carbon or low alloy steel, copper or copper-free wire, cored wire or stainless steel wire is available from trusted suppliers.

You can demo welding wire, either at your premises or ours. Our wire specialists will perform a business case analysis to demonstrate increased productivity and cost-effectiveness of your selection and, we will provide you with training and technical support, as required.

Our product line includes:

Fluxes and Powders – Brazing and soldering flux, submerged ARC flux and spray powders
Gas Welding Rod – Aluminum, bronze alloy, carbon steel, copper alloy and hard facing
MIG Wire (GMAW and SAW) – Aluminum, Aluminum small package, bronze alloy, carbon steel and carbon steel small package
Solder – Silver (soldering and brazing, including small package), common wire weld rings and inserts
Stick Electrode (SMAW) – Carbon steel, low alloy steel, magnesium, hard facing and carbon steel small package
TIG Rod (GTAW) – Aluminum, Aluminum small package, bronze alloy, carbon steel and carbon steel small package
Tubular Wires (FCAW) – Carbon steel gas shielded and self shielded, carbon steel gas shielded and self shielded small package and hard facing gas shielded

Safety Products

AirArc, through its association with Airgas® USA, has access to over 500 safety specialists and over 30,000 items, in product categories, such as Head, Eye, Ear and Face Protection, Fire Equipment, Fall Protection, First Aid, Footwear, Clothing, etc.

In addition, AirArc is the exclusive local distributor for Radnor products and McCordick Glove and Safety, a division of Bunzl, giving customers access to the WorkHorse line of safety products.

Our safety products are available from major suppliers such as:

  • 3M

Our product line includes:

Clothing – Rainwear, chemical, disposable, leather and flame retardant
Environmental – Sorbents and clean-up, spill control and containment, ventilation, abatement poly items and equipment
Ergonomics and Fall Protection – Anti-fatique floor mats, personal ergonomic furniture and equipment
Head, Eye and Face Protection – Hardhats and caps, headgear and face shields, welding helmets, safety goggles and glasses
Hearing Protection – Ear muffs and bands, earplugs
Hand Protection – Welders and drivers gloves, disposable gloves and finger cots, cut-resistant gloves, cotton, canvas and jersey gloves
Foot Protection – Safety boots and shoes
Fire Equipment – Fire extinguishers
First Aid – Eye and body wash, first aid kits, skin and wound care, electrolyte replenishment
Respiratory Protection – APR masks, cartridges and filters, disposable masks, PAPR – welding helmets and S.C.B.A.
Monitors and Calibration Equipment – Gas monitors and sensors, sampling tubes and pumps, calibration equipment, other instruments and accessories
Area Protection – Safety signs, lockout and ragout labels and tags

Tools and Hardware

At AirArc, you will find a wide selection of cutting tools, drill bits, saws, abrasives, brushes, machine tools, band saws, power tools, paint and cordless tools.

Our product line includes:

Cutting Tools – Drill bits, screwdriver bit tips, production bandsaw blades, jigsaw, recipes, hacksaw and hole saw blades, portaband saw blades
Abrasives – Bonded, coated and other abrasive products
Industrial Brushes – Power tool, hand tool and brush accessories
Industrial Coatings – Paints
Machine Tools – Lathes, ironworkers cold saws and accessories, debarring machines, bevellers  accessories
MRO and Plant Maintenance – Locking clamps and pliers, electric grinders (hand held), air tools and accessories, air compressors and accessories